Espilat Farewells Nepalese Sherpas

ارسال شده توسط در 25 جولای 2012 بدون دیدگاه | دسته بندی شده در آخرین اخبار, اخبار, دپارتمان انگلیسی

Espilat Farewells Nepalese Sherpas
Dear Nima and Mingma
Espilat Mountaineering and Rock Climbing Club hopes you have had an amazing time in Iran; and we will have a chance to host you here again.
We know your nations and people are always showing their hospitality and generosity to all mountaineers and nature-tourists from all over the world every year.
It is time for Espilat Club to dedicate its deep gratitude to you and Parvaneh Kazemi for attending at our club. And also we should really thank Parvaneh Kazemi for hosting you during 2-week stay in Iran.
As you know well, Iran is an ancient as well as mountainous country but the point is, in comparison to your country, Nepal, where you were born in 4200 meters, it looks not that high land. However, Iran is a tourist-prone country and has numerous tourist attractions; but unfortunately, due to unwanted economic and political problems we haven’t hosted as many tourists as we used to have last years.
Besides, we anticipate your trip to our country will open a new chapter in mutual relationships between Espilat and you.
Here, we make this opportunity to present our gift to your family and also dedicate two flags of Espilat club to you two heroes of Himalaya.
Ali Sabbaghi
Official Member ofthe Editor and   
International Affairs inEspilat
Mountaineering & Rock Climbing Club

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